Who We Are

The world’s finest selection of premium European Stone & Marble Bathware, Tiles, Mosaics, Outdoor Pavers, Stone Care and Accessories. Our products are carefully selected by our team of Designers and Artists. Every natural stone piece is a true one of a kind product.

Always Moving Forward

Our passionate enthusiasm for natural stone and marble stands tall, there is little that we don’t know about these special and awe-inspiring materials. Our ranges and collections have grown at an amazing pace over the years, from some of the worlds favorites, to brand new discoveries, styles and materials, meaning our selection of natural stone and marble is unrivaled by any other source. Always moving forward, we absolutely strive to bring the absolute best product the table, presenting the most innovative and exciting wall and floor surfaces to the Australian market.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the World with the very best, highest quality and newest style in natural stone & marble products. We dedicate much of our time travelling around the globe, sourcing and designing our products inspired by the greatest trends and styles from New York to Rome to Istanbul and everywhere in between.

Almost all our products are Hand-Crafted and compared to industry standards come are made in a very environmentally, green way. Our Bathware, Tiles and Mosaics are crafted by some of the World’s finest Men and Women, we are at the forefront of supporting equality for Women in the workforce all over the World – Something we are very proud of.

Our Products

Our range includes Marble, Granite, Travertine, Basalt, Slate, Terracotta, Sandstone, Porcelain available in a wide range of Finishes and Formats. We also have the World’s greatest range of Stone & Marble Bathware, Mosaics, Tiles, Stone Care and Accessories.

We are also able to offer custom made Stone & Marble Bathware made exactly to any Design supplied.